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From March 21 2019 to March 23 2019

Doing Immigration Differently

Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse

From September 27 2018 to September 28 2018

Second annual Metropolis North America migration policy forum

Expanding cooperation on migration: People, economy and security in the United States, Mexico and Canada

Mexico, Mexico

From March 22 2018 to March 24 2018

20th National Metropolis Conference

Immigration Futures: Marking 20 Years of the National Metropolis Conference

Westin Calgary

November 16-17,2017

Metropolis North America Migration Policy Forum

People, Labour, Borders & Security

Sheraton Pentagon City, Arlington, Virginie

Migration has profoundly shaped the economic and social condition of North Americans and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Governments in all three North American countries are responding to such challenges as the ongoing humanitarian crises in Syria and Central America, while at the same time seeking to realize their own proactive policy priorities on migration. And in all three countries, public opinion on the issues is in flux. Geographic boundaries have shaped critical aspects in the relationship between the United States, Mexico and Canada with such things as population composition, labour and security. Cross-border linkages (e.g. ethnic networks, return migration, dual citizenship, diaspora politics, transnational criminal activity) create an ever-complex environment. Changes to the flow of migrants have required occasional adjustments to the rules governing the movement of people and goods between the United States, Mexico and Canada.